Have you already seen what Yury Shatunov’s wife looks like? Just do not fall down, looking ...

About the popularity of Yuri Shatunov and the group “Tender May” there were simply incredible legends based on even more amazing real facts.

Charming young man bewitched his performance millions of girlish hearts. Naturally, almost every one of his fans at the ball is glad to somehow get the attention of the singer. However, for many years in the personal life of Yuri, there was no girl who could sink into his soul and make his heart start up in a sensual love impulse.

Only years later, after the collapse of “Tender May,” Shatunov was finally able to meet the one with whom he was ready to live until the end of his life. It happened back in 2000, and with a certain degree of confidence we can say that it was love almost at first sight. The chosen one of the musician is Svetlana, and their acquaintance, as is often the case, happened completely by chance and spontaneously.

The chosen one of the musician is Svetlana, and their acquaintance, as is often the case, happened completely by chance and spontaneously

Yuri saw his future spouse leaving the hotel, and was so enchanted by her that he simply could not pass by. Since they almost never parted. And if they have to do it because of their professional duties or life factors, then they always try to reduce such periods of separation to a minimum.

Very little is known about Svetlana herself. Like many star couples, they do not like to advertise their personal lives. It is known that the girl has a law degree, but the head of the family himself assures that she does not work anywhere and is engaged exclusively in raising their children and maintaining the family hearth.

In spite of the passion that quickly flared between them, the future spouses of the Shatunovs got married nevertheless, by no means immediately. This happened only in the seventh year of their acquaintance. By the time they had a son, Dennis, and Yura became the Father. The wedding the couple played in Germany, and in the same year they decided to christen their first child. The ceremony of baptism took place in the homeland of the spouses, in the city of Sochi.

Svetlana’s sister and long-time acquaintance of the singer, Andrei Razin, were made godparents. In 2013, a new recruitment appeared in the Shatunov family - in Germany a daughter is born, which they named Estel. According to Yuri Shatunov, he was very lucky that in his life there is such a wonderful wife who presented him with two charming children.

To date, the singer is not so often shared with fans of his private life. But sometimes in social networks there are photos of his wife and children.

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