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How to make a bong with your own hands?

  1. Bong and its principles of work
  2. The question remains: How to make a bong with your own hands and what is needed for this?
  3. Bong from the retors
  4. Glass bottle bong
  5. Plastic bottle bong
  6. Bong from a light bulb
  7. Should I build a homemade bong?

Today's article will again be devoted to experiments, and in it we will tell you how you can still make a bong with your own hands, why do it, and whether it should be done at all. Of course, everyone who has been with us for a long time knows almost everything about bongos, but we should not forget about new readers, for whom the following information will be interesting and useful.

Bong and its principles of work

Bong is a legendary and world famous smoking device for marijuana and other dry mixes. Almost all bongos have the same equipment, and they consist of a main flask with a hole, pipe, mouthpiece and thimble - this is a standard set, then it can be expanded with additional functional gadgets that improve the quality of the smoking process. Bongos are made from various materials: acrylic, glass, wood, metal, and so on. Here everyone already chooses what suits him and likes most.

Now let's talk a little about how bongs work. Do they also work like a hookah? Yes, but what about one thing and what about the other device? What unites these two devices is that the user inhales smoke through a tube / pipe through a liquid. But, as practice shows, a dry material is consumed much more economically if it is smoked through a bong, which is not the case with a hookah.

Normal water is mainly used as a coolant, but there are also those who seek to diversify the taste of smoke as much as possible and therefore cool it through the use of various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Accordingly, the brighter the taste of the drink, the more tangible it will be in the smoke. The used liquid can not only add additional notes to the smoke, but also contribute to its better cleaning. So, for example, adding oil allows you to filter well the smoke from combustion products. In general, there is an excellent ground for experimentation, and it is up to you to decide whether to smoke through the water and not bother, or constantly try something new.

But the bottom line is what you can’t do without liquid, whether it’s a purchased bong or a self-made one, so if you decide to make this device, pick up a reservoir that will serve as a filtering place through the liquid.

The question remains: How to make a bong with your own hands and what is needed for this?

Some people think that making a bong at home is unrealistic, but you will be surprised how easy and simple it is. All that is needed is smooth hands, available materials and tools, and, of course, our most understandable instructions.

The first thing you need to decide is the main material. In our case, the choice is not great, because the examples allow us to build only a glass or plastic bong, but still some certainty does not hurt. Or you can make all 4 models, and decide which of them is more successful and functional. If you do, write in the comments below about your impressions, because it is very interesting.

There are many different “recipes” of homemade walks on the Internet, but we have selected only those that are safe and at the same time simple. So, what is the best thing to do homemadebong:

  • from retor;
  • from a glass bottle;
  • from a light bulb;
  • from a plastic bottle?

So immediately and definitely can not be said, because "the taste and color, no comrades," as they say.

Bong from the retors

This option, perhaps, the result is the most accurate and harmonious. Perhaps one of you hears the word “retoro” for the first time, so do not be alarmed, this is just a medical flask that is designed to carry out the transfer of fluid, and its very structure is ideally suited for our experiment.

In order to turn the retor into a mini-bong, you only need to slightly upgrade the flask itself. A cap for the smoking mixture should be attached to the lid of the retor. The second neck, for simplicity and ease of use, will need to be lengthened with a glass or plastic tube in size.

The downside of this design is that far from everyone in the house has a medical retore lying around, and its search and purchase will take a lot of time and effort. In addition, the retor is not a cheap device, and it is easier to buy a small pocket bong.

Glass bottle bong

You still do not know how to do glass bottle bong ? Then you came to the right place. But here, too, everything is not so simple, and it requires not only the level of special training, but also the tools with which you can make the necessary holes in the walls of the bottle.

In the lower third of the bottle you need to make a smooth hole that will serve as a nest for thin sections. To hold the tube securely and also require a rubber gasket. The section can be metal or glass, any tube of the desired size will be suitable for this, and as thimble You can use an iron cap for strong alcoholic beverages.

The whole hitch lies in the fact that not everyone succeeds in drilling an even hole of the required diameter in a glass bottle. Well, those who still coped with the task, get a very decent device for home use.

Plastic bottle bong

The advantage of plastic in this case is that its processing is not difficult, and it can easily be cut, pierced, in general, to do everything that is needed. And, for sure, everyone will have an unnecessary plastic bottle at home.

The “recipe” of the construction of such a bong does not differ from the previous “recipe”. Only here everything is much simpler and easier. We also make a hole for the thin section, and a small turbo hole.

Bong from a light bulb

The bong from an electric bulb is an interesting device, and, due to its small size, it can rightly be attributed to the most extraordinary models.

The first thing you need is to get rid of the base and the contents of the light bulb; ordinary scissors, a knife or wire cutters will help everyone. As soon as the glass base remains on top of it, it is necessary to wind the tube of the appropriate diameter with the help of electrical tape, so that the tube and the glass bell form a single harmonious design. But even here, it is impossible to do without holes on the glass, because in the lower part it is necessary to attach a thin section. With the help of a glass cutter and neat sequential movements you can cope with this task, the main thing is not to break the light bulb. A rubber gasket is inserted into the finished hole and then a polishing pad itself.

Should I build a homemade bong?

You can answer this question yourself, if you have the above-mentioned materials, tools and free time, then why not try to make a designer smoking device. But also, you can turn your attention to our bongos and buy a ready-made perfect model that you can easily take with you.

Self-made bongs are quite fragile, which makes them not very convenient in terms of transportation, or just while smoking, even at home. You can make a bong with your own hands in order to acquire an interesting exhibit, or try once more what smoking is with this device, but then you need to select a more functional and convenient device so that the smoking process brings maximum pleasure.

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Do they also work like a hookah?
Yes, but what about one thing and what about the other device?
The question remains: How to make a bong with your own hands and what is needed for this?
Should I build a homemade bong?