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How to smoke bong?

  1. The principle of the bong
  2. Instructions for using bongom
  3. How to smoke bong?

Bong, who gained wide popularity not so long ago, has already managed to become an honorary device in the collections of fans of non-traditional type of smoking. Bongos are made of various materials, such as acrylic, glass, wood, ceramics, metal. The most popular are acrylic and glass bongs , because of its external characteristics, as well as because they are easy to use and unpretentious to care for. These smoking devices are made in various shapes and colors, so everyone can easily find a bong to suit their style and taste.

As you know, the process of smoking through bong is significantly different from the smoking of regular cigarettes, roll-up cigarettes, pipes and so on. To find out how to smoke a bong, just read the information below.

The principle of the bong

Beginners, who have never encountered a handed device, its design may be a bit puzzling, but in fact there is nothing difficult in it, you just have to figure out which part is responsible for what, and by what principle each of them works. It is worth remembering one thing, in order to obtain the desired result, in no case should you use a bong, without liquid. The presence of water plays an important, and even more likely a key role, because it filters and cools the smoke, making it softer and more pleasant. Through the use of fluids, the smoking process becomes safer, and many of this is precisely the effect they want to achieve by buying a bong.

Before you start smoking.

One of the main rules of bong owners is that the device should always be clean. It is not advised to use it again without replacing water in it. At least once a week, or even more often, the bong should be washed under running water, and additional cleaning agents should be used as necessary. You can not clean acrylic devices with powders and hard brushes, as the walls can scratch and lose their attractiveness.

The tar and tobacco residues left after smoking, if left unchecked, will put a stale unpleasant smell into the smoke that will certainly be felt. Therefore, you should carefully monitor the purity of your bong, and smoking from it is much more pleasant, and it will last longer.

Hot. Coldly.

The fact that bongs can be used with ice, surely know many. But is ice an important component and should it be added with each smoking? Ice is used for a reason, and it perfectly fulfills its purpose - it additionally cools and softens the smoke. In order to make adding ice as convenient as possible, special ice bongos In which holders are built in, thanks to which the cubes are securely fixed inside the device. If your bong does not have a special ice compartment, you can add it directly to the water, which will also provide an additional cooling effect.

To the question whether it is necessary to add ice to the bong, the answer is simple - everything is entirely individual, if you want the smoke to be colder, then it is necessary, if preference is given to warm and more saturated smoke, then - no. How to smoke a bong, with or without ice, is up to you, because there are many different models that do not support the possibility of adding ice, but nevertheless have a perfect cleaning system, in which ice is not needed in principle, a vivid example is "Fire Bong" with its recycling system.

Instructions for using bongom

Next, it will be described in stages how to prepare the bong for work:

• The first thing to do is to fill the bong bowl with water, so that the cut is blocked by it no more than a couple of centimeters. The cut is a tube, one end of which is in the bowl, and its second end goes out. It is also possible to orient by the level of the turbo hole, water should not overflow.

• The next thing you need to do is to hammer the bowl with a smoking mixture. Before use, it must be cleaned and crushed. For grinding will need grinder - a device that will make the smoking mixture suitable for smoking through bong. You do not need to pour too much of the mixture, so that it falls out too much, and it is also not recommended to tamp it too hard, because the air simply cannot enter the device.

At this bong is fully ready to start using, then you should figure out how to properly smoke with it.

How to smoke bong?

For personal convenience, before everything comes to automatism, you should put the device on a flat surface, or squeeze your legs. Next, you need to press your face to the tube, so that the lips are inside, and thus formed a vacuum.

If there is a turbo hole on the surface of the bong, you need to pinch it with your finger before burning tobacco, then you just need to tighten it. After the manipulations done, the smoke will actively begin to flow through the tube, and all that is required is to relax and enjoy the process.

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But is ice an important component and should it be added with each smoking?
How to smoke bong?