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"... And the dawns here are quiet": how the fate of the heroes of the famous film

  1. "... And the dawns here are quiet": how the fate of the heroes of the famous film

"... And the dawns here are quiet": how the fate of the heroes of the famous film

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"... And the dawns here are quiet": how the fate of the heroes of the famous film

The beginning of the 70s was literally lit up with the light "Dawn". The people read the story of Boris Vasiliev “And the Dawns Here Are Quiet” published in the journal “Youth” in 1969. Two years later, readers were bursting with the famous play "Taganka". And 45 years ago, a two-part film by Stanislav Rostotsky appeared on the screens, which in the very first year saw 66 million - every fourth inhabitant of the USSR, if you count babies. Despite the subsequent film adaptation, the viewer gives this film, mostly black and white, to an unconditional palm of primacy and generally considers it one of the best films about the war.
From the heroes of bygone days

In those years, the war was filmed frequently, and filmed superbly. A film about the five dead girls and their rude, but such a spiritual foreman managed to stand out from this constellation. Probably because he gave his memories, soul, experience to the former front-line soldiers, starting with the author of the script, the writer Boris Vasilyev.

He knew how to write about the war especially. His characters were never perfect. Vasilyev seemed to say to a young reader: Look, people like you went to the front — those who ran away from the lessons, fought, and fell in love inadvertently. But something in them turned out to be so, which means there is in you.

The front has passed and the film director Stanislav Rostotsky. Vasilyev's story interested Stanislav Iosifovich precisely because he wanted to make a movie about a woman in a war. Nurse Anya Chegunova, who later became Beketova, carried him out from the fight. Rostotsky found the savior, who, as it turned out, reached Berlin, then married and had beautiful children. But by the time the shooting was over, Anna was already blind and fading from brain cancer. The director brought her to the studio viewing room and rehearsed the whole picture in detail on the screen.

The main cameraman Vyacheslav Shumsky, the main artist Sergey Serebrennikov, make-up artist Alexei Smirnov, assistant costume designer Valentina Galkina, director of the painting Gregory Rimalis fought. They just physically could not allow on the screen lies.
Sergeant-Major Vaskov - Andrei Martynov

The difficult task was to find actors - such that they were believed. Rostotsky conceived: let the foreman play someone famous, and the girls, on the contrary, debutants. He chose Vyacheslav Tikhonov as the foreman of Vaskov, and Boris Vasiliev believed that the front-line soldier Georgy Yumatov would do the best. But it so happened that the search for "Vaskova" continued. The assistant saw the 26-year-old actor at a graduation performance.

Andrei Leonidovich was born in Ivanovo, from childhood he raved about theater. And his hero was not only six years older, but also from the village, he had a “corridor education,” he dropped the words - as a ruble.

The first tests were very unsuccessful, but, apparently, Rostotsky was very attracted by the type of actor and his persistence. In the end, Martynov played Vaskova, so much so that the viewer unconditionally loved this ridiculous foreman after his screen fighters. Martynov had a great time and the final scenes of the film, where he, already gray-haired, one-armed, sets up a modest tombstone in honor of his girls, along with his adopted son.

The actor had another star role - in the television series "Eternal Call". Martynov successfully worked in the cinema and in the theater. He voiced over 120 foreign paintings, including The Godfather and Schindler's List.

Life gave him a peculiar surprise: his wife was a citizen of Germany, with whom he met at the festival. Franziska Tun spoke excellent Russian. The couple had a son, Sasha. But Andrei did not want to live in Germany, although in the homeland his colleagues literally pecked at marrying a foreigner. But Francis did not want to move to the USSR. Their union eventually fell apart.

Rita Osianina - Irina Shevchuk

Rita - the only heroine who was married and became a widow in the first days of the war. In the rear with her mother left a small child, then Vaskov adopts him.

The tormenting personal drama of her heroine, Shevchuk, helped her to play her complex romance with the then-gaining actor Talgat Nigmatulin (“Pirates of the 20th Century”). But the happiness of motherhood Irina fell experience many years later. In 1981, she gave birth to a daughter, the famous actress Aleksandr Afanasyev-Shevchuk (the girl’s father is the composer Alexander Afanasyev).

Irina Borisovna successfully combines acting and public career. In 2016, she starred in the film “Stolen Happiness”. At the same time, Shevchuk is vice president of one of Russia's largest film festivals, Kinoshok.

Zhenka Komelkova - Olga Ostroumova

By the time of the filming of Zory, Olga, at the same Rostotsky, played a memorable role in “We will live until Monday”. Zhenka Komelkova - bright, bold and heroic - was her dream.

In the film, Ostroumova, whose grandfather was a priest, had to play a nudity completely unusual for the USSR. According to the script, the anti-aircraft gunners bathed in the bath. The director was important to show beautiful female bodies, designed for love and motherhood, and not for bullets.

Olga Mikhailovna is still considered to be one of the most beautiful Russian actresses. Despite the extremely feminine appearance, Ostroumova has a strong character. She was not afraid to divorce her second husband, the main director of the Hermitage Theater, Mikhail Levitin, although they had two children in their marriage. Now the actress is three times a grandmother.

In 1996, Olga Mikhailovna married actor Valentin Gaft. Two such bright creative people managed to get along, although Gaft is the star of Sovremennik, and Ostroumova works in the Theater. Mossovet. Olga Mikhailovna told that at any time she was ready to listen to the poems of Valentin Iosifovich, which he writes as talentedly as he plays in movies and on stage.
Lisa Brichkina - Elena Drapeko

Lena, of course, really wanted to play Zhenya Komelkov. But in her, a thin girl who was born in Kazakhstan, who studied in Leningrad, the director "saw" the full-blooded beauty Lisa, who grew up in a deaf forest zaimka and secretly in love with the foreman. In addition, Stanislav Iosifovich decided that Brichkina should not be a Bryansk girl, but a Vologda girl. Elena Drapeko learned “okat” in such a way that for a long time she could not get rid of the characteristic dialect.

One of the most difficult scenes for a young actress was when her character drowned in a swamp. Everything was filmed in natural conditions, a wetsuit was put on Lena-Lisa. She had to dive into the dirty muck. She was supposed to die, and everyone around was laughing at the way the “swamp dummy” looked like. Yes, she always restored glued freckles ...
One of the most difficult scenes for a young actress was when her character drowned in a swamp
Elena Grigorievna’s unyielding character was manifested in the fact that she became not only a very famous actress, who is still being filmed, but also a public figure. Drapeko - State Duma deputy, candidate of sociological sciences.

Political activities did not always contribute to privacy. But Elena Grigorievna has a daughter, Anastasia Belova, a successful producer, and a granddaughter, Varenka.
Sonya Gurvich - Irina Dolganova

Irina Valerievna and in life was as modest as her heroine, the most silent and “bookish” among the five fighters. Irina arrived at the samples from Saratov. She did not believe in herself so much that she did not even leave an address. She was barely spotted and immediately sent to play scenes at the rink with then still beginning Igor Kostolevsky, otherwise I would have to wait for the next winter.

Rostotsky forced Irina, as it should be according to the scenario, to wear boots two sizes larger, which caused the girl a real torment. And from the scene, when her Sonya is killed by a German knife and her friends find her, Irina Shevchuk and Olga Ostroumova came to a genuine horror: Dolganova's face looked so dead.

Despite the "modest" role, Irina received an offer to stay in Moscow, at the them. Gorky. But decided that the actress is more important than the theater. For many years she has been playing in the Nizhny Novgorod Youth Theater. Irina Valerievna husband - a businessman and son - a doctor. In the city of Dolganova is well known not only as an actress, but also as a defender of homeless animals. .

Galya Chetvertak - Ekaterina Markova

In Markova, the realities of childhood and adolescence differed sharply from those that fell to the orphanage Galka Chetvertak, which even came up with a surname for small stature. Catherine grew up in the family of the famous Soviet writer George Markov. As a girl, she was very purposeful: she specifically went to study at the evening school for working youth, because she wanted to finish the studio at the Moscow Theater. Stanislavsky.

But that, of course, kinship Katya and Galka is a rich imagination. Galka thought up everything for herself: her parents, her fiance and a happy future, which the German bullet did not allow. And Markova became a writer, while not leaving work in one of the best theaters in the country - Sovremennik.

Several stories of Catherine Georgievna successfully filmed.

Markova lived many years in a happy union with the magnificent actor Georgy Taratorkin, who recently passed away. The couple have grown two children. Son Philip is a historian by education, he has now become a priest. And the viewer well knows her daughter Anna Taratorkin from films, TV shows and roles in RAMT.