Recently, a friend got married. My wife is beautiful, but my mother-in-law is not lucky. The story of how to wean mother-in-law to yell

Moreover, the young had to live with her, until the end of higher education

Moreover, the young had to live with her, until the end of higher education. The second mother was already painfully noisy, almost not so much - howling like a power-saw. Drugan says that sometimes he even capped his ears with cotton. Well, in short, whatever it was, and after the institute, by the way agricultural, they were distributed to a state farm. They gave the little house, and they healed happily and happily. Drugan, economic man, animals spread, chickens, piglet, something else there! Live!

Two years later, a telegram comes from the wife's mom, they say, welcome - come! Spouse started fussing, plans are building. Petushkov plans to hack a few pieces, feed his mother a chicken. Drugan says that he will come as well as hack to make it fresh. Mother-in-law arrived in the evening. And immediately began to establish their own orders. Drugan, on the basis of past memories, was not enough for Kondraty, and his insidious plan had ripened from him at night.

At half past three in the morning my wife gathered for the morning milking, she was working as a farm manager. Together with her, the mother-in-law jumped up, but to a friend to work at eight, he still lies. The mother-in-law again began to base her, they say, her hard-working daughter, and her son-in-law parasite. My wife left, the friend got up. He sits in the kitchen drinking tea, mother-in-law on high tones explains to him the policy of family life.

And then outside the window the cockerel had croaked. Drugan makes a brutal face, grabs an ax, and in the fence with chickens. He grabs a rooster, and grunts on the neck, the semi-finished product is ready. Brought into the kitchen, threw in a bowl. City mother-in-law from this action ohrenel. Yelling, what are you supposed to do, Herod, done! And he explains to her that her nerves to the devil have become, she does not tolerate loud cries. Then the next cock zakkarekal. Drugan again makes a brutal face and shouting:

- WELL, YOUR MOTHER !!! ....

Flies into the yard and repeats the procedure. Squish, and the next cock is already semi-finished. The mother-in-law was no longer indignant, and looked at her son-in-law somehow aslantously. Here the third zakukarekal. It all happened again. Mother-in-law until the care of his son-in-law was silent, like a fish

He came for lunch. The wife of the roosters plucked and cooks the soup. When the mother-in-law was not in the kitchen, she asked him:


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