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Scorpio need to convince, and Cancer - cuddle: how to put up after a quarrel with men of different signs of the zodiac

  1. Aries
  2. Taurus
  3. Twins
  4. Crayfish
  5. a lion
  6. Virgo
  7. Libra
  8. Scorpio
  9. Sagittarius
  10. Capricorn
  11. Aquarius
  12. Fish

All people are different, and everyone needs a special approach. If you have quarreled with a partner, do not rush him to call and weep into the phone. Perhaps you only aggravate the relationship with him.

Astrologers claim that with different signs of the zodiac you need to put up differently. Let's find out more about this.


Aries - perhaps the most imprudent zodiac sign, and if you managed to quarrel with him, then you brought him. Small misses Aries forgive quite easily, but large ... Do not worry, even to such stubborn, you can find an approach. Remember what your favorite person values ​​most in people? That's right, reliability. Here on this and “swim”. Let him know that you are not going to betray him. Let him know that you can be relied on in all circumstances.


C Taurus make peace - then another test! Taurus - conservatives, and any change is very painful for their lives. If you managed to fall into disgrace to them, tune in to a long reconciliation. If you care about Taurus, you must be very, very nice. Try to do everything perfectly. If you have spoiled the relationship, then please, try to get out of this impasse. Provided, of course, that your fault is in a quarrel.


Quarrel with Twins also does not carry anything good. Sometimes their anger can be so strong that the other side thinks: “Isn't it time to part with it? Moreover, he does not meet at all. ” Take your time, look at the representative of this zodiac sign. Try to feel his mood. If he is not in the spirit, do not meddle. If you see what is coming in contact, try to slowly get rid of the coldness between you. The main thing in this case - do not rush! Twins can not stand when they push.


The main thing in relationships for Rakov is the attentiveness of their partners. At the same time, they get used to people for a very long time and do not immediately make contact. And just imagine, Cancer is used to you, and you - bang! - took and quarreled with him. All your efforts to build a relationship to the cat. “Our song is good, start over!” Take your time, do not intimidate your partner. Slowly but surely he will thaw and will again be able to trust you.

a lion

Lions are still egoists and daffodils, and if discord arose between you, it means that he struck you out of his life. No, not forever, but in order for him to turn his regal gaze back on you, you will have to work hard. We give a hint: It is important for Leo that his partner fully share his hobbies with him. Think about what your lion loves the most.


Virgos are ardent perfectionists. Everything in their life should be perfect (at least in appearance). That is why Virgos do their best to avoid quarrels. If discord has occurred, then it is your fault! At least, the Virgin will think that way. To make peace with this sign of the zodiac, fasten. Do not press on Virgo, but focus on yourself. The Virgin's heart will melt if she sees that you are trying to eradicate your shortcomings for the good of your relationship. Make it clear that this will not happen again.


Weights must have a plan. Including a reconciliation plan. In order not to wonder how to please Libra, talk to them. They love it very much. You can even make a plan according to which your relationship after this quarrel will reach a radically different level. Scales will appreciate it. In addition, if Libra sees that you are ready for reconciliation, they will also take a step forward. After all, there must be a balance in everything, in their opinion.


Scorpios flare up because of trifles, and serious problems can awaken a volcano. It is important to act correctly. First wait until the hurricane subsides. If there is no action from Scorpio, start moving yourself. Slowly and without unnecessary emotions explain your position. Emphasize that in a relationship you are waiting for understanding, love, agreement. Problems will always arise in the course of life. Your joint task is to develop a strategy that will help preserve and strengthen your relationship.


Sagittarius is one of the most peaceful signs. He forgives everything for the time being. If there is a discord in your pair, then Sagittarius silently collects things and leaves. It cannot be said that it will be impossible to return it. But you have to make an effort. If you really appreciate this relationship, then let Sagittarius understand that you value them. Prove that you are a different person and do not allow this in your relationship again. Not guaranteed, but maybe Sagittarius will be back.


Capricorn is like Sagittarius in this respect. As he leaves, he burns bridges. But with him even harder to make peace. Endless running for Capricorn will not bring any fruit. You need to change dramatically. Make Capricorn know that your life is interesting without it. You have your own hobbies and interests. With his departure, your life has become even better. If Capricorn still has feelings for you, he will return.


Relations with Aquarius is difficult to restore, but possible. This should be done gradually and slowly. Imagine that there are two scales. On the one hand - resentment, on the other - positive emotions. At the time of the quarrel, resentments outweigh. In order to win over Aquarius again, you need to make sure that the positive cup significantly outweighs the other one. But, as you understand, one cannot get away from insults, and Aquarius will remember them.


Fish can not tolerate harassment and pressure. If everything is bad in your relationship, step back. Remember your hobbies and interests. Let the fish breathe deeply on its own. But do not forget to remind yourself from time to time. But do it carefully and be more interested in the life of the Fish. At the same time let us understand that everything in your life is beautiful. Care and detachment (paradox!) Will bear fruit.

And how can you make peace with your partner? Does the method described in this horoscope work? Tell us in the comments!

A source: marketium.ru

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Remember what your favorite person values ​​most in people?
Sometimes their anger can be so strong that the other side thinks: “Isn't it time to part with it?
And how can you make peace with your partner?
Does the method described in this horoscope work?