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The image and characterization of Lisa Brichkina in the story A Dawns Here Are Quiet Composition

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One of the main characters of the work is a young girl named Elizaveta Brichkina, who grew up in a forest ranger's family.

Lisa spends her childhood and youth in the Bryansk forests, where her father works as a forester, and her daughter, having forcedly left school, takes care of her seriously ill mother. Lisa is described by the writer in the image of a dense, stocky girl with a long scythe and an open, kind face, blowing warmth.

The characteristic features of the girl, revealing her nature, are patience and humility in life, shyness and shyness. Lisa has long been accustomed to a difficult village life, easily managing animals and homework, but she always believes in her dream of a bright tomorrow. Lisa very much hopes to enter a technical school, about which a traveler who was visiting their house tells her about a promise to help an intelligent and smart girl in admission.

Lisa’s dreams are not destined to come true, as the Great Patriotic War begins.

A lively and energetic Lisa is sent to serve in an anti-aircraft school, where she falls into the women's department under the command of foreman Vaskov. The commander makes a strong indelible impression on a girl who has not yet had to love, and at first glance she falls in love with a man, rejoicing at any moment of communication with him and every minor praise of him. Lisa admires the laconicism and courageous character of the foreman, carrying out various of his instructions.

The friends who served with Lisa make fun and make fun of embarrassed Brichkina, but when they see that the girl’s feeling is sincere and deep, they begin to respect her condition.

Vaskov is sympathetic to Lisa and sets her as an example to all anti-aircraft gunners, believing that it is pleasant to look at a girl when everything is with her.

By order of the foreman, the brave and capable Lisa goes through the forest for reinforcements in order to attempt the detachment to leave the fascist encirclement. Making her way through the thickets of trees, the whole girl is immersed in thoughts of Vaskov and their possible happiness in the future. Crossing the ford, Lisa stumbles and falls into a swampy place, in which she finds her ridiculous death, having not learned of the death in a few days of her native anti-aircraft squad and foreman Vaskov.

After some time, Vaskov finds in the swamp a piece of cloth left over from Lisa’s skirt, and realizes that the girl could not call for help.

Narrating the tragic events of the war, the writer reveals the images of his heroes through the image of their individual characteristic qualities inherent in Russian women.

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Picture to the composition Image and characterization of Lisa Brichkina in the story And the dawns here are quiet

One of the main characters of the work is a young girl named Elizaveta Brichkina, who grew up in a forest ranger's family

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